Founded in September, 2009, RER Energy Group is a regional leader in renewable energy. Our mission is to educate clients on the optimal ways to save on energy costs and help them implement cost efficient renewable energy systems.

The energy industry is extremely dynamic due to the fast pace of technology innovation and changing government funding incentives. Focusing on the total energy picture, we first identify how to reduce energy consumption. Next, we explore supplementing purchased energy with renewable energy systems. And then we assist in procuring remaining needs in the most cost-efficient manner. We apply this three-phased philosophy to all projects:

  1. Reduce energy usage through conservation and energy efficiency first;
  2. Locally generate with renewable energy and resource recovery when cost effective; and
  3. Procure remaining energy needs at optimum rates.

We provide cost efficient and quality renewable energy systems to commercial, industrial, and municipal organizations – throughout the United States and Mexico.

To date, we have developed more than 60 Megawatts (MW) of solar arrays at over 120 business, school and municipal facilities. To help fund these solar systems, we have assisted our clients in securing more than $30 million in State and Federal grants.

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