Goodwill Conference 2016
Solar Energy Savings Seminars


Thanks for your interest in the short seminars we are offering at the upcoming 2016 Goodwill Summer Conference this August 7-8th in Minneapolis, MN. At these 20-minute seminars you will learn the many benefits that solar energy could bring to your facility.

Specifically, we will review:

    How your facility can benefit from significant savings on your electric bill allowing more money to be directed to your core mission.

    How RER will partner with you to develop the right financing path to help your facility build a solar array, including solutions that require little to no money upfront, and/or ways that allow you to own the array in less than 10 years.
    How solar can help you lock in your energy prices for the next 20-25 years, creating important predictability in operating costs.

RER maximizes the financial savings Goodwill facilities can generate when sourcing their energy through solar. Through our ‘share our sun’ program we use high-quality solar systems, unique financing structures and collaboration with community partners who help local Goodwills make the most effective use of limited budget dollars.

Register now for one of our 20-minute seminars to quickly learn how your facility might benefit from the energy savings of a solar array capturing free fuel from the sun.