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Goodwill Industries of the Valleys is harnessing clean energy from the sun to save on their electricity bill, allowing them to put those savings directly into the work they do, ensuring every individual can acquire the skills and support needed to earn a good job and advance into a sustainable career. The new rooftop solar array is located on the Roanoke Jobs Campus building in Roanoke, Virginia. This is one of several solar projects that RER Energy Group has been honored to develop for organizations in the Goodwill movement, and the first of these acquired by Standard Solar Inc., a nationally recognized leader in the development, funding, ownership, and operation of commercial and community solar assets.

Goodwill Industries of the Valleys’ Chief Financial & Compliance Officer, Jackson Green, said, “This is our second solar array. Solar makes economic sense for Goodwill, and it aligns with our value of stewardship. The new array will save us money and be a long-term solution to rising energy costs. The money saved will provide for more opportunities for future investment in people, programs and new ventures which will strengthen our mission and the communities we serve. We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of Goodwill.”

While many non-profits may want to reduce their carbon footprint, ensuring that an organization also gets real financial benefits from solar takes commitment from project funders like Standard Solar working closely with developers like RER Energy Group, whose mission is to leverage solar to strengthen communities.

“We applaud Goodwill Industries of the Valleys for joining other Goodwills that have already gone solar and demonstrating how solar supports the movement’s overall mission of sustainability,” said Jim Kurtz, President RER.

“Adding this project to our commercial & industrial (C&I) portfolio is a meaningful step in helping non-profits, including Goodwill Industries of the Valleys, benefit from the power of solar and controlled energy costs,” said Eric Partyka, Director of Business Development-National Accounts, Standard Solar. “Adopting solar technology allows Goodwill to reduce its carbon footprint and enhance its mission to ensure every individual can acquire the skills and supports needed to earn a good job and advance into a sustainable career.”

The 547.92 kW project is expected to generate 90% of the building’s onsite electricity needs. Each year the array will produce 742 megawatt-hours of electricity, an annual reduction in CO2 emissions equivalent to 581,205 pounds of coal burned and 63,964,861 smartphones charged.

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