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The Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Northern Power & Light, and Saranac Lake Community Solar invite residents and businesses to show off their seasonal spirit with the inaugural Light Up the Town decoration contest.

Residents and businesses that sign up to participate get listed on a map that the community will then use to tour the area to select their favorite displays. Prizes vary for the winners including $250 cash, a chamber membership and gift certificates to local businesses.

“With many seasonal activities canceled due to the pandemic, we wanted to offer a safe family-friendly event for folks to enjoy that builds community spirit and togetherness,” chamber Executive Director Patrick Murphy explained in a press release. “If you have ever loaded into the family car to check out the neighborhood, this event provides a fun element that we hope will continue beyond the era of socially distancing.”

Interested participants are encouraged to register by Friday, Dec. 11 and to have their displays up in time for judging by Dec. 14. Anyone in the community can participate as a judge by downloading the event map and submitting their favorite picks to the chamber’s online form. Viewing will run from Dec. 14 until Jan. 3, at which time the chamber will compile the results and announce the winners.

The event is made possible by renewable electricity providers Northern Power & Light and Saranac Lake Community Solar as a way to showcase local energy providers.

“We think this is a great way to demonstrate that as we power our displays, this community is fortunate to have the opportunity to choose a local electricity provider to supply that energy,” explained Patrick Murphy.

“We are happy to be a part of the Light Up The Town event in Saranac Lake,” Said Conrad Karsten, Developer at RER Energy Group/Saranac Lake Community Solar Project. “Supporting the event is the perfect way that we can give back to the community and celebrate the holiday season.”

Emmett Smith, co-founder of Northern Power & Light, was so enthusiastic about the event that NP&L is creating a bingo game for adults and children to complete as they view the decorations.

“We wanted to support the community and enhance the event for the whole family,” he explained. “After all we’re all about lights, and fun. We’re glad to contribute to an event that brings joy in safety in this unusual season.” Completed bingo cards can be redeemed for a small prize for kids and a chance to win $100 in free power from NP&L.

The entry fee for contest participants is $20, and proceeds will help to support chamber initiatives including business support activities, event planning and marketing. Participating in the viewing and judging is free for the community. People in surrounding communities are encouraged to participate as the event area includes Saranac Lake and its surrounding areas. To register, download the event map and bingo card, and vote for your favorite display head to

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