AGP Plastics

Project Brief:

AGP Plastics, located in Trumbaursville, PA produces Noviflex®, one of the highest quality interlayers for laminated glass transparencies for architectural, transportation and engineered applications.

After AGP was informed of the 30% federal tax credit, accelerated depreciation and the ability to avoid significant increases in conventional electricity costs, they moved forward with their solar project. The result is a financially attractive solar array that will assist AGP in containing electricity costs for decades into the future.


“The installation of a 602 kW solar power system at our headquarters facility in southeastern PA is a demonstration of our responsibility as a manufacturer to help preserve our environment while providing a low-cost source of electric power to reduce our operating expenses. This was a no brainer!”

Edwin Bolton
AGP Plastics, Inc.




  • System Size: 602.5 kW
  • Hanwha 325 Watt Modules
  • Solectria Inverters
  • KB Racking