ATAS – Pennsylvania

Project Brief:

Their first project with RER was on their Arizona facility. When that array exceeded expectations, they asked RER to develop and install this second project at their manufacturing facility in Upper Macungie Township, Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1963, ATAS International Inc. is a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, wall cladding, ceilings, perimeter edge metal, and accessories. As a manufacturer of metal roofing, ATAS wanted to set an example on their own facility to show how solar and metal roofs can work together, resulting in a long-lasting, sustainable, and energy efficient system.

This is a 620.1-kilowatt solar roof array will generate more energy than is used at the company’s manufacturing location. In addition, the company will use the excess energy to benefit its other nearby building which serves as its headquarters

The system consists of 1,908 roof-mounted solar panels of 325 watts each, and the renewable energy that’s produced will result in a 100 percent reduction of electric costs at the manufacturing site and more than 50 percent per month at the company’s headquarters.


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  • System Size: 620.1 kW
  • Solar Panels: CSUN CSUN325-72P & Canadian Solar CS6U-325P
  • Inverter: Chint Power Systems
  • Racking: Professional Solar Products RoofTrac