Saranac Lake Community Solar

Project Brief:

RER Energy Group designed and installed a 2-megawatt Community Solar array on 10 acres of the land. Community solar provides energy benefits to multiple subscribers, commercial and residential, who receive credits on their electricity bill for their share of the power generated. Unlike a traditional solar array that is typically built on the rooftop or grounds of the location where the energy is consumed, the energy produced by Saranac Lake Community Solar feeds directly into the local utility distribution grid.

The project’s anchor tenant, Adirondack Health, was looking for ways to save on rising utility costs, as well as align with their sustainability initiatives and commitment to serving the region. The hospital will utilize 40% of the power from Saranac Lake Community Solar. The remaining capacity is allocated to local households and small-business subscribers. With no upfront out of pocket costs, subscribers recognize an estimated savings of 10% on their electric bills, for the energy allocated to them from this array.

According to Mike Roach, Project Developer for RER Energy Group, “This project isn’t like the 600-1,000-acre wholesale projects that send electricity all across the state. The solar energy produced in Saranac Lake is distributed to electricity customers within the Saranac Lake community, and at a guaranteed savings.”



  • A short video explaining this multi megawatt community solar farm can be viewed here.
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  • System Size: 2.0 MW
  • Hanwha 380 Watt Modules
  • CPS Inverters
  • TerraSmart Fixed-tilt Ground Mount Racking