West Reading Motor Club

Project Brief:

West Reading Motor Club is in a 1913 building that combines old world ambiance with new solar technology. This latest RER solar installation will help this father and son team feed the region in a delicious and sustainable manner.

The care & commitment they have put into this renovation at 416 Penn Avenue in West Reading, and their vision to install a solar array says something special about the team of Frank Cocuzza and his son, Adam. They are not just thinking of the special of the week, but how their business can benefit future generations for years to come.

The 40-kilowatt array consists of 112 panels which will create 49,000-kilowatt hours of energy annually. The array will offset 38 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from entering the environment which is equivalent to electricity for six homes in one year.



  • System Size: 40.88 kW DC
  • Modules:Trina Solar Tallmax 365 Watt Modules
  • Inverter: Solar Edge
  • KB Racking: EKONORACK