RER Energy Group (RER) recently installed a roof mounted 620.1 kW photovoltaic solar electric system at the ATAS International Inc. site in Allentown, PA. The photovoltaic system is estimated to generate 743,220 kWh of solar energy each year, clean energy that will avoid 441 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from entering the environment. This is equivalent to the electricity use of 66 homes in one year.

Dick Bus, President of ATAS, stated “the array will create more energy than it will use at the Grant Way location and the excess energy will be used to benefit ATAS’ nearby buildings.”

According to Loretta Ottinger, project developer for RER Energy Group, “the system consists of 1,908 roof-mounted, photovoltaic solar panels of 325 Watts each. The array will provide 100% of the electricity needed at the Grant Way site and over 50% at their nearby Headquarters, leading to important savings to the company and supporting their commitment to sustainability. “

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