RER Energy Group recently opened an office in Mexico City as part of its effort to better serve Mexico’s up-and-coming solar industry. Solar incentives in Mexico are not as attractive as those found in the U.S., but with higher energy prices south of the border—they typically average $0.16 to $0.19 per kWh for businesses—Mexico holds significant promise for the solar industry.

Recognizing the worldwide adoption of renewables and the opportunity for more economic growth, the Mexican government has eased legislation in order to allow private enterprise to more easily participate in the country’s energy industry. It is still a complex process, but RER’s team is native to the region and can assist in all aspects of permitting, government approvals, etc.

The two projects represented here show that American quality standards, construction quality, and efficiency can be deployed in Mexico in a cost-effective manner.


rancho2As solar becomes more common, we look forward to additional projects from our team in Mexico, led by our Director of Business Development, Cara Ortiz. Feel free to reach out to Ms. Ortiz if you have any questions about a solar project you may be interested in exploring with our neighbors to the south.  ¡Hasta la próxima!